Timely Justice Act Among Issues to be Heard at February Supreme Court Oral Arguments

By Jacek Stramski

February’s oral arguments will see at least one very high profile case heard by justices. On Tuesday, February 4, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Abdool v. Bondi (SC13-1123), which is a challenge to the Timely Justice Act brought by numerous death row inmates. The Timely Justice Act, enacted in part to reduce the amount of time that usually elapses between a conviction and sentence of death and the actual execution, is being challenged on various constitutional grounds. A previous FlascBlog article details the arguments of the challengers, and is located here.
Other cases of note include:
–     Parker v. The Board of Trustees of the City Pension Fund (SC13-890), which centers on the issue of when attorneys’ fees are available in cases related to municipal firefighter and police pension cases, set for argument at 9:00am on Wednesday, and
–   MDS, Inc. v. Rad Source Technologies (SC13-1215), which will address the following question certified by the federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals : “When a licensee enters into a contract to transfer all of its interests in a license agreement for an entire term of a license agreement, save one day, but remains liable to the licensor under the license agreement, is the contract an assignment of the license agreement, or is the contract a sublicense?” This case will be heard on Thursday at 9:00am.
Most of the other cases relate to direct appeals and post-conviction challenges in death penalty cases. A full schedule of the oral arguments is available at the Florida Supreme Court’s website. Video of oral arguments streams live at the WFSU Supreme Court video portal here.