Request for writ in redistricting case denied

-Summary by admin

In Black Voters Matter Capacity Building Institute, Inc., et al. v. Cord Byrd, etc., et al. (SC22-685) the Court denied jurisdiction to intervene in the 1st DCA appeal of an injunction against the new congressional redistricting map for the 2022 elections. The redistricting plan was passed by the Florida legislature and approved by the Governor but the implementation of the map was blocked by an injunction at the trial court level. The 1st DCA removed the injunction. The petitioners, Black Voters Matter, the League of Women Voters of Florida, Equal Ground Education Fund, and Florida Rising Together are challenging the redistricting map and filed a request for a constitutional writ to the Supreme Court.

The Court indicated there was no jurisdiction over the matter and stated “. . . it is speculative whether the First District’s eventual decision will provide an appropriate basis for this Court’s exercise of discretionary review— meaning that we cannot say that it is likely that there is any jurisdiction to protect. Assuming without deciding that this Court would have the authority in these circumstances to issue a constitutional writ, we decline to exercise such authority.” Justice Labarga dissented.